Welcome to Talk2Dan’s Blog and Consultation Site.

Current Blog Focus: Motivation
Topics this blog will discuss:
-Why do we sometimes treat children who are different as problems to be solved?
-What are our motivations? In college, for work, when meeting people?
-What causes our problems with relationships?  Marriages, boyfriend/girlfriend, work relationships?
-What causes so many American’s to dislike or even hate their jobs?
-Should a life routine be embraced?
-What kind of impact does a sex-craved society have?
-Is suffering a good or a bad thing?  Should it be avoided at all costs?
-The family dilemma: Traditions vs Innovation & Change

Services & Consulting

I believe having someone to discuss what’s truly on your mind and what you feel can go a long way. Getting help and advice in our life when trying to make the right decision is important. I believe my education and my experience has allowed me to gain and give quality insight into almost any situation. All my consulting is done online via Video-to-Video.

Check out my Services page for more information.

About me:

My passion is helping people see their life (and difficulties) with a fresh new perspective.  I offer professional life coaching and consultations available via this website. I’ve been living abroad for the past year and currently reside in Lima, Peru.

Education: I studied Philosophy, Psychology, and Business at Salisbury University in MD.  I currently have a Bachelor’s Degree and continue study on a regular basis.

Experience: I’ve been helping regular people, typically students and young professionals with common life problems.

My approach: I have a deep passion for philosophy and I commonly take a philosophical style by questioning motivations in life and encouraging critical thinking to help people overcome their difficulties.

Inspiration: A contemporary philosopher and professor, Jerome A. Miller, inspired and influenced me to pursue a profession in this field.


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